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Fur and Mom

by FurLove©

Mom leaned over and kissed me. At first just gently on the lips like always but she lingered and slowly parted my lips with her tongue running it into my mouth deeply. My heart is racing with excitement. I instinctively open wide and took her into me, inhaling her, running my tongue around hers with sweet sucking kisses. We did this for what seemed an eternity. I'm getting very hard again with even more painful scrotum begging release.

"I have dreamed of this day for years. You have no idea how much I have wanted you this way. Particularly when I knew for sure you loved my furs as strongly as me. Eventually when I hugged you I could tell you had an erection and I took great pleasure, as I am sure you did as well. So I made the hugs longer and more intense for your pleasure and to cement our relationship. It was so sweet when you began to ejaculated in my arms as we hugged in my furs. Your climaxes were so sweet as I hugged you close to me. With your first one I was caught so off guard that I had and orgasm as well. Latter I allowed myself to have more. If you remember we hugged and kissed a lot when I divorced your Dad."

"I know Mom, I creamed my shorts more than once."

"I know. Fondling myself knowing you had used my furs for pleasure and masturbation made it particularly exciting for me, often with your soiled shorts. I was often embarrassed and ashamed but helpless with you around. I was compelled to hug and kiss you and made sure you could hear me masturbate at night. I could only imagine what you were doing."

"So you planned today?"

"Like you son, I cannot tell a lie. Why would I have another man when I knew my son wanted me as badly and in the same way as I wanted him?"

"I want to be in you Mom, now, please."

"You don't have to beg son."

She leaned over me and began kissing me again holding my head in her fur wrapped hands, smothering me with furs and kisses. I was already about to explode. I worked at holding back, something I had already begun to work on fondling myself with the furs. It makes the ejaculation much stronger and intense. I was getting pretty good at it and now is the time to make it work to its maximum.

My wildest fantasies are coming true, fur, sex and Mom. As Mom kisses me I begin fur fondling her wonderful tits, pinching her nipples through the fur which elicited a soft moan from her even as we kissed. I reach down between her thighs after fondling her with the Chinchilla. She is very wet. Her muff is so soft and as I fondle it I slide a finger into her slit. She jumps slightly and moans. Her hand goes down to mine pushing my finger into her deeper. I add another finger. Mom is still very tight even though she had me and my Dad sure didn't over work her vagina.

She's like the young women/girls I've seen on the porn sites with the tight clits. As tight as any of my girlfriends that I have had including the virgin last week. I can't believe it! Mom is rocking back and forth on my fingers now with moans and a very ethereal look on her face. She must be as excited as I am having someone else do the work.

"Oh son!! Don't stop, please."

"Mom, you don't have to beg." I retorted quietly, straight into her ear as I take it in my lips inserting my tongue in her ear. She goes into a spasm near orgasm. I slide my stiff rod into her dripping wet vagina as I pulled her down on top of me. She shudders again gasping. She's more gorgeous than ever with her beautiful hair swinging with her motions.

"We are complete my son and I am so happy. You fill me in every way".

My cock is immersed in her very tight twat and I roll over on top of her, ramming my full nine up to my scrotum and against her cervix. A perfect fit. She moans loudly, a tenth pain nine tenths ecstasy. I slowly begin to move in and out letting her adjust to my filling her so completely. I fondle her breasts with the Sable and Chinchilla squeezing them and pinching her nipples through the furs. She moans and shudders under me her vagina contracting around me squeezing and milking my cock with every pinch of her nipple. I strain to hold back as hard as I can. I am cuming soon in my local Mother. Mom is starting to buck up into me now that she has adjusted and she is already approaching her own climax.


With that I give her everything I have. Mother told me to. She is rammed hard and fast, sliding in the furs adding to her stimulation. I'm Sable fondling her for all I'm able as well. She is moaning, grunting and bucking harder yet in what seems like forever.

"OH OH OH OH please don't ever stop this!!!"

Mom convulses, bug eyed, with what seems like a seizure gasping and crying for it seems minutes. I shoot huge mother loads of cum against her cervix wall like cannon shots. It is oozing out around my cock there is so much. I grab a towel and put it under us to protect the furs. Old habits.

"Mom .. you're more beautiful than ever!!!"

I lean over and begin sucking the nipples I've wanted for so long. Mom shudders again with the sensations reaching her vagina, clamping even tighter around my cock, consuming those glorious nipples as I do causing me to ejaculate even more. She moans and sighs so sweetly. So much more sensual and loving than any of my girl screws.

I keep moving in and out of her. She closes her eyes again and starts breathing heavier once more. Mom has stayed turned on. I can keep this up all day!!! She said not to stop and I always do what Mom says. Still with her eyes closed ...

"You are so far past your Father as a lover it shames him. I cannot believe you are this good and doing this to me ... worth the wait."

She drifts off again into another state of bliss. I am totally focused on pleasing my Mom and my cock is in paradise. What more could a guy ask for?? With the Sable now draped over me caressing my body, I'm getting very turned on again. My cock still firmly planted between Mom's thighs. My fondling her tits, now with Chinchilla and the pinching of her nipples is having the desired effect. She is jerking me off with her vagina muscles making a kind of sustained singing sound.

I quickly withdraw my cock and flip my Mom over, face into the Lynx. She responds lifting her butt high and I ram deep into her soaking wet vagina with a single stroke, straddling her thighs and clamping her buttocks and thighs tightly between my thighs. Never done this before!!

I ram my shaft deep into her well, stimulating places in her never touched before with my scrotum rubbing against her muff and labia, squeezing her butt between my thighs tightly. Full sex parts contact. I pump her sweet pussy with vigor and Mom is moaning in a deeper tone as never before. I'm slamming against her cervix again and she's bucking counter to my pounding of her vagina, smashing her labia to my scrotum. The harder I pound the harder she bucks and the deeper in the furs I drive her. She's stroking the furs pulling them around her face, burying herself in them. Mom is groaning and grunting loudly with each ramming but muffled by the furs. Finally we both launch into a cataclysmic mutual orgasm lasting forever it seems.

Mom starts to subside but I am still rock hard and far from done with this position. I really like it. My cock is so deep, tight and warm in her I can stay stiff forever in this place. I don't break stride and increase my pace, pounding away as I lapse into a trance like state myself, numb to all except my cock buried deep in her soft, snug and wonderful cave. Mom is begging for mercy and fiercely counter bucking me for all she's worth at the same time.

"Please Oh god please ... I can't stop ... my orgasm is ... oh god ... please fuck me harder."

My orgasm hits like a thunderbolt with spasms of cum flooding Mom. I couldn't stop ramming her if my life depended on it. She is writhing her hips around my cock as I continue to pound away and she is still begging for mercy. I blow twice what went before like there is an endless supply of cum inside me. Pulsing ejaculations continue for what seems like hours with Mom still contracting around my cock in orgasmic spasms. Mom and I finally collapse totally spent into the furs, breathing heavy. I finally pull out of her with a sucking pop.

"You sure fucked Mom over good today. You do that to me again and I will punish you like never before."

"Is that a promise Mom?"

"You bet it is and you won't like the punishment. You will love it. Clamping my butt like that is new for me. Where did you learn that?"

"It was inspired by the wondrous butt before me. I've always loved your ass and I thought of how warm and secure my cock would be like that and how I could reach deeper into you."

"Don't you ever stop doing that to me, please. It is the finest fuck I have ever experienced."

As we lay there I continue to suck on her nipples, savoring their firm and generous size. No wonder I don't want to stop. I fondle her labia with a free hand. She is fur fondling me as I do. Sable around my head and face. One of my favorite things. Now I know why I love it so. We keep each other tuned up.

"I could go for a long time off that one round. You were magnificent Son. You filled me in every way possible. God your cock is magnificent!! you really know how to satisfy me in so many other ways. How did you know?"

"I've had a long time to think about it, a lifetime of careful examination of your body. I would wonder what would please you the most, thinking about your body and thinking of things I know you like and why you like them. Besides I didn't want to let go of your tits in the first place."

"You're right about that and I'm sorry I stopped you. As I said I was always sexually satisfied when you were sucking them and I haven't been since you stopped. I was always sexually satisfied when you nursed since my nipples are connected to my vagina like a pull chord and I haven't been sexually satisfied until now. You can suck my tits any time you like. Your Father certainly did little to satisfy me and he refused to suck me anywhere. He said it was too demeaning to him. What a pale last place he is. You have TOTALLY satisfied me today."

As she was speaking I slid down between her thighs and began to pull on her labia with my lips, snapping them and then running my tongue over her clitoris finding the magic button. Mom jumped again.

"Sorry ... spoke too soon!!!"

As she spoke she was already panting and quivering with early mini orgasms.

"I can shave for you?"

I buried my face in her soft muff, taking in her aroma and sucking her vagina hard my tongue flitting into her sending her into a deeper and quicker orgasm. She then had my head wrapped in the Sable pulling my face tighter into her. She convulsed again in an unbelievable orgasm as strong as the last cock inspired orgasm, her sweet juices flowing freely over my face as I lick her clean. She continues to spasm as I do.

"Don't you dare shave. I love your muff. It's so lush and sexy. The saved women on the porn sites look strange. One of my girlfriends I diddled was shaved and it sure felt strange." We finally fall asleep in each others arms in the furs totally exhausted.

I woke the next morning still in Mom's bed in the furs. I could hear her in the Kitchen. I got up and showered. I didn't bother to put anything on. Modesty?? I drape a thick and wonderfully soft White Fox coat over my shoulders. It's a bit chilly. It's like Mom bought her furs big so they work for the grown up me as well. I was already stiff thinking about the furs and last night wiping pre cum off and stroking myself with the soft thick Fox.

Mom is making breakfast. She's at the Kitchen sink with the Sable draped around her naked body. Similar modesty. I'm barefoot and she doesn't hear me as I come up behind her lifting up the Sable as I approached. I don't pause from my walking gate as I impale her on my stiff essence deep into her up to my scrotum in a single stroke.

In that instant I grab her tits through the Sable. She gives a deep gasping inhale, throwing back her head on my shoulder with her mouth open, wide eyed. I stick my fingers in the corner of her mouth and she begins sucking on them moaning in ecstasy as I ram into her pinned against the counter.

"Oh rape mama baby!!" as she begins bucking against my cock already well on her way to orgasm. She must have already been excited?

"Does Mommy like getting fucked at the Kitchen Sink?"

"Fuck me anywhere you wish, just fuck me all the time."

"All the times I have watched you, stiff with my desires to do what we are now doing, admiring your gorgeous and luscious body." I'm grabbing her tits in a strong grip, squeezing them and she moans loudly ..

"Mama teased you with my motions and furs ... always wet with desire for you. I was anticipating you this morning, how you were going to take me. Oh fuck your Mama baby ... fuck me all the time ... oh god mamma's cuming big".

Mom is hit with a powerful orgasm. I pull out in the middle of it turning her around and reenter from front hugging her tighter yet pushing her back against the counter, grabbing her buttocks through the Sable and pushing me into her deeper yet. I hold her up as she wraps her legs around my waist pulling me tighter yet into her as we kiss with deep penetrating kisses.

I bounce her up and down on my shaft, driving deep into her. Her arms around me, the Fox, skin to skin in front, ravaged in the middle of the Kitchen wrapped in furs like a crazed rapist. Basic and primal. Mom explodes with another massive convulsive cock wringing orgasm as I shoot her so full of cum it makes squishing noises and is running down my thighs.

"Baby sure likes fucking mommy in fur doesn't he?"

"I don't know that I could ever get enough of you."

I continue to ravage her banging her hard and furious against the counter for long minutes after minutes like I am reaching for yet a more powerful orgasm. Mom is in a near faint of orgasmic ecstasy one piled on the other. Suddenly from nowhere and everywhere a massive, convulsive ejaculation begins to flow into my Mother from deep within her Son. Burst after burst of hot steaming cum filling her and flowing down both my legs. I nearly drop her as I am suddenly so weak and exhausted.

As I let her feet to the floor Mom continues to cling to me kissing me, her arms still around my neck,with a flood of kisses and I groggily respond. It is like we are of one body, melded and fused together once again like reentering her womb. It seems last night was just the beginning of our experiences and life together. This morning we went to another level of raging passion with each other. After kissing, hugging and stroking each other we gradually regained our senses and composure.

Except for us both being nude in furs it's a normal morning as we sit and eat, chatting about some more of our feelings, our activities and what is on the agenda.

"I have to confess that I've always been as provocative around you as I could even though often unconsciously. So if you were wondering if your Mom was sexier around you than the Mom's of your friends you were right".

"I'm sorry if I did something you didn't like."

"You know now I have wanted for you to make love to me for a long time now though I had no idea what I was in for. This morning I was still wet with desire, near orgasm from last night and when you took me it was a rape fantasy come true. I am totally thrilled. I want you now so bad I can taste you. You take me anywhere or time any way you wish. What an experience to go from sea level to orbit in less than a second!!!"

"I have been going out of my mind wanting to make love to you yet wracked with guilt but not caring at the same time. I'm so glad we are beyond that now. Your Son is going to live with his Mother from now on if she will have me".

"You are Mama's boy forever."

We decided to turn my room into a home office and media room since the fiber optic jack is there for my computer and it's just the right amount of space for us both with lounge area as well. We can watch TV, videos, porn and fur porn together on two big 50 inch flat screens I have hooked up to my computer. Two at the same time if we wish. We can do this while fur fondling each other from the comfort of a new fur endowed large suede leather sofa. We keep the door locked when not in use. It is our private love room.

I catch Mom by surprise and we initiated the room with fast and furious clamped butt fucking as the night before on the new couch. There is plenty of space in the Master Bed Room Closet for all our clothes. We christen the closet also with wild sex among the furs. Another of my fantasies realized, getting caught masturbating in her fur closet. Mom fur rapes Son to teach him a lesson.

For image and propriety we set up a Stage Set "Son's" room in the finished attic for visitors. Actually my new Study. I just don't sleep there.

After a very long day, our first day of life as lovers, we shower together for bed. Mom is already in the shower calling for me to wash her back.

"Mom, you don't need an excuse for me to be with you in the shower."

No sooner am I in the shower than we are in a full embrace with the water caressing our bodies as we kiss passionately. I ask her to turn around so I can wash her back. After a few moments of soaping her down I have her pinned against the shower wall impaled on my rigid cock from behind again. Both of us like this the best. She's instantly in a very high state of ecstasy knowing she was going to be there from the moment she called me. We finish our fucking shower. We're standing in the bath room embracing and I towel her down as an act of worship, letting Mom know by deed and action that I truly worship her. She towels me down, pausing to take my still rigid cock into her mouth and strokes it with her lips for a moment, not to give me a blow job but in wonder and admiration of her Son's essence.

"To think this came from my loins and has now returned to them giving me more pleasure than I could ever have imagined".

We continue to bed. I take her by the hips and admiringly, ceremonially lay her back in the lynx. She lets a short quiet gasp of excited stimulation from the fur, like it's the first time she has experienced it settling deep into its soft and welcoming warmth. The Lynx caresses her entire body riding up between her thighs enveloping and caressing her vagina. She's softly sighing like a virgin with these sensations. She slowly closes her eyes as she knows she is to be ravaged. Tonight I will ravage in a worshipful way, our first night together as lovers, not from just the pure passion that races through us both as we broke the taboo last night, as wonderful and exciting as it was.

She's laying the length of our very large bed with me at her feet. I'm admiring her beautiful body finally realizing more fully that we truly are lovers now. She slowly spreads her legs, raising her knees expecting to be passionately ravaged with the anticipation burning in her eyes. I fall forward, my face in the Lynx inches below her Temple, sliding my face through her muff taking in her sweet aroma and erotic softness. Mom's hips jump slightly at my touch and is already quietly sighing and whimpering mouthing quietly ..

"Son, I love you" .. as I slowly run my tongue up her swollen labia, slowly and softly fondle her breasts and nipples with the Chinchilla that she and I so love.

Her moans intensify and I can feel her clitoris contract. Tonight will be an eternity for us as I take it slow and smoothly. She will know in the morning that her Son truly worships her very being not just as her Son. She is the sole focus of tonight's very soft ravaging. Mom has already lifted her hips to me wanting me to consume her, ravage, rape, fuck her with my cock.

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